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    Building Department

The Building Department is continuing to process applications and perform inspections when needed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please download Building Permit applications from this page and make submissions via e-mail or USPS.  E-mail to: building@plainfieldct.org

For inspections, you may call 860-230-3012 or 860-230-3023 or e-mail building@plainfieldct.org.  Please tell us the type of inspection, owner's name and street address in your message.


Construction Plan Requirements

As part of the Building Permit Application ,a detailed construction plan must be submitted to the Building Inspector before the Building Permit can be issued. The reason for this procedure is to assure that the project you are planning will meet the current State of Connecticut Building Code. If you were to build a project without proper plan review, your project may be rejected and this would surely cost extra time and money.

Following is a list of items that should be included on the building plan:
  • Draw the plan neatly and to scale (1/4" per foot etc.)
  • Show a plan view or overhead showing size of building with doors and window openings. Label each room as to the use of that room.
  • Show a cross section or a side view of the foundation type that will be used in this project.
  • Show a cross section or elevation of any wall section showing floor joist, studs, wall plates, ceiling joists rafters and roofing materials.
  • Show a detail of any guardrails and handrail systems at landings, decks and stairways.
  • Any bedroom addition must show an egress size window in each of the bedrooms.

What are you doing?
This is what you'll need:

If you are hiring someone:

  • A copy of the contractor's license or Home Improvement Registration.
  • A copy of worker's compensation insurance certificate.
  • If there are no employees on the job, sign and notarize an Insurance Affidavit.

Changing electric service:

  • The above contractor information.
  • A Customer Request for Service (CRS)number from Eversource.

Roofing or siding:

  • The above contractor information.
  • Ask for a handout of the latest roofing code requirements.

New project, to include building a shed, garage, deck, sun room, pool, etc:

  • The above contractor information.
  • A B-100 permit from NDDH unless your property has city sewer.
  • An approved zoning permit.
  • Detailed plans (see the plan handout).
  • *Sheds less than 600 square feet do not require a concrete foundation.
  • Unattached sheds under 200 sq. ft. do not require a building permit.  They may require a zoning and/or NEDDH B100A permit.

If you are replacing a deck, pool, porch, shed, etc:

  • The above contractor information.
  • Under most conditions, the requirements are the same as a new project.

New home or addition:

  • The above contractor information.
  • A driveway permit for a new home.
  • Septic system or sewer permit.
  • Zoning permit.
If the building will be heated, you must show compliance with the 2015 International Energy Code. See your builder or ask for a guideline handout.


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