Bulky Waste

About Bulky Waste stickersbulky-waste
  • Free of Charge – Residents only
  • Seven (7) free trips per year
  • Valid from JULY 1st THROUGH JUNE 30th
  • Old Stickers must be removed
  • Saturdays Only 7:00am – 12:00pm
  • To receive a sticker, you must show your driver's license and vehicle's registration – both must have a Plainfield address


Bulky Waste stickers can be obtained through mail, email, or in person. If applying through mail or email, fill out the application below and include a copy of your driver’s license and vehicle’s registration. Both your license and registration should have a Plainfield address listed. To update the address on your driver's license or vehicle registration, see CT DMV for more information

Bulky Waste Application (valid on July 1, 2023)

If you have had a sticker within the last five (5) years, please inform us of any changes made. This includes an address, phone number, vehicle type, or vehicle registration expiration date. If you have already received a sticker for this year, a replacement sticker costs $25.00.

Mailing Address: Plainfield Town Clerk, 8 Community Avenue, Plainfield CT 06374
Email: townclerk@plainfieldct.org

Hours & Location for Bulky Waste Program

54 Roode Road, Plainfield, CT 06374
Saturdays: 7:00am – 12:00pm*
*Please note that these hours are for the free program – contact the transfer station for their regular hours

Easy Access: Route 12 South (Plainfield Flats), take left onto Roode Road before Stanton Equipment. The site is just after the railroad tracks on the left.

Additional Sources
The Transfer Station will be operated by Casella Waste Systems. For specific questions regarding the transfer station, such as normal business hours outside of the program or certain items to be disposed, the phone number for the station is 860-376-7121

Information for Bulky Waste Program


Brush, leaves and recyclables taken with no bulky waste do NOT count as a trip

Transfer station will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, only if they fall on a Saturday.

Permitted Residents – Residents of the Town of Plainfield who possess a numbered permit sticker.  Residents of the Town of Plainfield shall mean full-time residents as evidenced by a driver’s license issued to a Plainfield address and a motor vehicle registered within the Town of Plainfield.

***You MUST notify the Town of any vehicle or address changes***

Bulky Waste – Box springs, mattresses, stuffed chairs, wood furniture, EMPTY propane tanks, air conditioners, electronics (includes computers & TVS), antifreeze, drain oil, batteries, construction and demolition waste and other “bulky” items.


Recyclables – Paperboard boxes, corrugated cardboard & paper bags, magazines, brochures & catalogs, newspapers & inserts, opened mail & greeting cards, file folders, phone books, white & color office paper, paper egg cartons, paperback books, rinsed paper milk/juice cartons, rinsed plastic bottles & jugs, rinsed #1-7 plastic tubs & screw-top jars, loose metal jar lids & steel bottle caps, rinsed clean balled aluminum foil & pie pans and soda cans, rinsed glass bottles & jars and empty aerosol cans.

Tires – $20.00 per tire

  • Household garbage/trash (Municipal solid waste) or other similar items as determined by WWP
  • Explosives or ordinance material
  • Pathological and biological waste (i.e., needles and blood, human and animal remains)
  • Hazardous materials as defined by the EPA subtitle C regulations
  • Liquids such as fuel, paint and oil (other than motor oil)
  • Cesspool waste sewage sludge or other similar waste
  • Fluorescent lights


Services to Permitted Residents – WWP agrees to allow Permitted Residents to dispose of Recyclables and Bulky Waste at the WWP Transfer Station on SATURDAYS ONLY during the hours of operation, at no charge to such Plainfield Residents.

Services to Non-Permitted Residents – WWP agrees to allow Non-Permitted Residents to dispose of Bulky Waste at the WWP Transfer Station during the Hours of Operation, but only upon payment of the appropriate prevailing gate rates (see below for gate rate).  WWP agrees to allow Non-Permitted Residents to dispose of Recyclables at the WWP Transfer Station free of charge, provided such Recyclables are properly disposed in the appropriate and designated area of the WWP Transfer Station.

Gate Rate
  • Non Permitted residents and contractors are to pay $170.00 a ton with a 1 ton minimum per truck load.
  • Permitted residents who have already used their 7 visits for the year will pay a sliding scale rate based on the amount of weight they have. That rate is $170.00/ton
*Gate Rate subject to change per provider

Services to Religious Institutions within Plainfield – The Town agrees to issue one permit sticker to each religious institution within the Town of Plainfield (one sticker per institution).  WWP shall allow each such institution with a validly issued permit sticker to dispose of Recyclables and Bulky Waste at the WWP Transfer Station during the hours of operation, at no charge to such institution.  WWP reserves the right to revoke said permit in the event the holder of the permit attempts to bring materials from a location other than the permitted religious institution to the WWP Transfer Station.

Commercial Businesses – Commercial businesses within Plainfield and haulers who haul Recyclable and Bulky Waste from Plainfield businesses or residents shall be allowed to dispose of Recyclables and Bulky Waste at the WWP Transfer Station during the hours of operation, but only upon payment of the appropriate prevailing gate rates for such disposal.

Restriction on Access – In no event shall WWP be obligated to allow access to the WWP Transfer Station if it is likely that such access is intended for the disposal of Unacceptable Waste or Unacceptable Waste mixed with Recyclable and Bulky Waste.

Provisions Against Abuse – WWP RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVOKE AND/OR SUSPEND THE PERMIT AS ISSUED TO ANY RESIDENT IN THE EVENT WWP DETERMINES, SUSPECTS OR HAS REASON TO SUSPECT THAT SUCH PERMIT IS BEING USED IN AN ABUSIVE AND/OR IMPROPER WAY. By way of example, and in no way limiting the generality of the foregoing, in the event WWP determines that an individual resident is gaining access to the WWP Transfer Station by using stickers as issued to others, then WWP may revoke and/or suspend the permits as issued to such individual and to those other residents.

Online Bulky Waste Application

Bulky Waste stickers are issued from July 1st-June 30th of each year. If you would like one mailed to you, fill out the application form. The stickers for the 2024-2025 year will not be mailed until the week before the first Saturday of July.