Dog Licensing

Every dog license expires on June 30th. Licensing for the next year begins on June 1st and must be procured before June 30th, or a penalty will be collected after July 1, pursuant to Sec. 22-338, General Statutes, State of Connecticut, and an infraction incurred pursuant to Sec. 22-349. Renew your dog's license before June 30th to avoid a late fee.

What You need to license
  • An up-to-date rabies vaccination certificate from your veterinarian (it must show the expiration date of the vaccination)
  • If applicable, a certificate of proof of neuter/spay

Licensing Fees

Male/Female – $19.00
Neutered Male/Spayed Female
– $8.00

During the month of June, the above rates are used. Once it is July, there is a $1.00 late fee applied for each month missed. The late fee amount applies to each dog being licensed. For example, if you are licensing your dog in August, the total would be $21.00 for a dog intact and $10.00 for a dog that is neutered/spayed. If you are registering your dog for the first time, there is no late fee applied.

Transfer ownership of a dog licensed in Plainfield – $1.00 (License and tag issued to former owner must be submitted)
Transfer upon moving from another town – $0.50 (License and tag issued by former town must be submitted)
Replace lost tag – $0.50 

How To License your dog
Registering your dog can be done by mail, online registration, or in person. The online registration portal is only open from June to August – if it is not one of those months, please use a different method to license your dog. To license through mail, fill out the application below, and include a copy of your dog's rabies vaccination and neuter/spay certificate, if applicable. Checks can be made to the Town of Plainfield.

Dog License Application

You do NOT need to register a dog if the dog is younger than six (6) months old

Click Here for the online registration portal. The portal is open from JUNE 1st THROUGH AUGUST 31st and is only for dogs currently registered, NOT new dogs.

Please call us at 860-230-3010 or email with your questions.