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          Use "Online Town Maps" to access the Assessor's database of maps

search land records         
"Search Land Records" to access the Town Clerk's database of land records and maps

         To find maps filed with the Town Clerk's office, use the "Seach Land Records" to access the IQS Search Portal
How to Search for Maps:
  • Search Records as a Guest
  • In Party 1, search with the name of Owner of the map or by Street Name
    • Do not key in the address number of the property
    • If you already know the assigned number of the map filed, you may use the Instrument # box to locate the map
    • Searches can also be made with a Date Range
  • In the "Document Group" dropdown, select Map
  • Once searched, a list will appear with the available maps
    • An example of this below:

How to Locate a Map:
  • From the results, you may organize by PartyTypeBook-Page, or Date
  • To browse through the different Map Books, use the chart index below to find the abbreviation, then put an asterisk (*) after
    • This will generate all maps assigned to that book
    • example: To find all maps in Drawer 6, type "DR6*" in the Instrument # box
Map Book Referenced
Abbreviation # of Maps Years Notes
 Drawer 6  DR6  DR6 1-249  1972-1985  **Drawer 6 has been   referenced as "Volume 1" as well as numerical number
 Drawer A through J&K  DRA  DRA 1-43  1943-1984  
 DRB  DRB 44-63  1963-1969
 DRC  DRC 1-57  1902-1937
 DRD  DRD 58-79  1900-1940
 DRE  DRE 80-164  1900-1950
 DRF  DRF 165-216  1908-1960
 DRG  DRG 217-230  1907-1935
 DRH  DRH 231-298  1900-1935
 DRI  DRI 317-338  1911-1934
 DRJK  DRJK 339-385  1903-1960
 Planbook 1 through 5  PB1  PB1 1-58  1890-1979  **Some Planbook maps have multiple numbers (ex. PB1 56,  PB1 56-57); to get the best results, put an asterisk (*) after  the first number to retrieve all  maps with that initial number

 PB2  PB2 1-59  1922-1978
 PB3  PB3 1-61  1948-1974
 PB4  PB4 11-154  1955-1976
 PB5  PB5 1-59  1917-1986
 Numerical Order    250-Current  1985-Current  

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